Hiring a Florida Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

About 80% of all those in Florida family court are there representing themselves. That’s because many people believe they can’t afford to hire a divorce lawyer. Understandably so—many divorce lawyers have exorbitant hourly fees and request large retainers, costing clients thousands of dollars in legal fees to finalize their divorce.

While it’s true that many Florida divorce lawyers are too expensive for the average person, there are affordable options. At DivorceYes.com, we offer legal counsel and legal representation in court for low, flat rates.

For example, if you’re facing uncontested divorce in Florida, you can use our legal services for just $399 for an uncontested divorce without kids and $499 for an uncontested divorce with kids. You’ll have real, licensed divorce attorneys who will answer your questions, provide guidance, and appear in court on your behalf. In fact, you don’t even have to appear in court.

So, you can afford to hire a divorce lawyer!

Learn more by visiting our site at www.DivorceYes.com.


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