DivorceYes.com Saves Clients Money on Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

Online legal service from Miller Law Associates gives clients access to experienced divorce lawyers at a low flat rate. 

Fort Lauderdale, December 09, 2010—Divorce is big business in Florida and throughout the United States. The average cost of a divorce is in the thousands, with attorney’s fees making up a large portion of that. That’s why a team of Florida divorce lawyers decided to launch DivorceYes.com.

DivorceYes.com is an online legal service from Jeff Miller’s law firm, Miller Law Associates. The service charges clients a low flat attorney fee for legal representation during a divorce. Clients pay either $399 for a divorce with no kids or $499 for a divorce with kids. Court filing fees are extra.

“Most people really can’t afford to hire their own lawyer,” says Miller. “And trying to handle everything on your own is confusing, risky, and scary. Our lawyers know their way around the courthouse and understand the divorce process.”

DivorceYes.com is simply an alternative to hiring a costly, “billable hour” Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney.

What do DivorceYes.com clients get for their money?

“Lawyers thoughtfully prepare your papers, file them as your lawyer and go to court to get your final judgment,” explains Miller. “Additionally, each user has access to on-demand legal counsel whenever needed.”

DivorceYes.com keeps clients in the loop with their cases 24/7. Any time any event occurs involving the case, an update is emailed to the client and posted under their account which can be accessed with their password-protected login.

“Our way of doing business keeps our clients informed, 24/7, and keeps us honest,” remarks Miller.

The Miller Law Firm also provides professional divorce document preparation. Unlike other divorce paper websites that are operated by non-lawyers, DivorceYes.com is backed by an experienced legal team that knows how to file paperwork properly. Divorce papers for uncontested Florida divorce can be purchased from the Miller Law Firm online for as little as $99 at DivorceYes.com.

To learn more about this alternative to hiring a costly Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney, please visit www.DivorceYes.com today.

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