How Do People React To Divorce?

Whether divorce comes as a total shock or the person has seen it coming for years, everyone reacts in their own way to the news. Not all of these reactions are healthy or safe. Some of these reactions can cause serious emotional health problems, and they can even affect the outcome of your case adversely.

So, what are some of the different ways people react to divorce?

  • Rage—It’s understandable to be upset about getting divorced, especially in situations where you were wronged by your spouse. However, you can’t let your anger spiral out of control. It will cloud your judgment, and it could cause you to mishandle your divorce case.
  • Denial—Some people flat out refuse to accept that their divorce is really happening. They ignore it or convince themselves that things will work out. This is incredibly dangerous because when you’re in denial, you’re not taking steps to get legal help to manage your divorce properly. Furthermore, it slows the emotional healing process.
  • No emotion—Even if you’ve seen your divorce coming for years, you should still feel some sort of emotion about it. Burying your emotions isn’t a healthy way to deal with getting divorced. It can cause a major breakdown or explosion later.

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