How Domestic Violence Affects Divorce

worried-girl-413690_1920If you are the victim of domestic violence, this can affect your divorce in a number of ways. Often, when domestic violence is involved in a marriage, the couple should not try to have a mediated divorce because this would require them to work together. The couple should try to communicate through their divorce attorneys whenever possible to avoid getting into a situation where tempers could rise and where abuse could occur.

When someone is the victim of domestic violence, it is possible for that person to get a protection order from the court. In some cases, the abuser will be required to move out of a shared family home. This is important because divorce can take time and decisions may not be made right away on the house. When a protection order is in effect, you can ensure your spouse is not going to insist on continuing to live with you as you try to end the marriage.

If there are allegations of abuse or a risk the children will be abused, this can affect the issue of custody as well. If you fear for the safety of your children, your attorney can help you to get a protection order and a custody arrangement that keeps them safe.

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