How Not to Speak to Your Spouse About Divorce

One dispute sad couple man and womanSometimes, there is little a person can do to make divorce easier. However, it is well-worth trying what you are able to keep the process as smooth as possible. Of course, the first step is deciding to divorce and informing your spouse of your decision, if she or he does not already know. This can be an incredibly tense circumstance. Here are some things to avoid when you do so.

Don’t announce it suddenly, or in anger.

Even if your spouse suspects this announcement is coming, it could still be a blow and cause unexpected emotions. It is best not to blurt your intentions out, particularly during an argument. This may only increase the anger and tension, and lead to even more trouble during the divorce. If possible, plan your announcement carefully. Try to find a time at which you’re both calm and able to talk reasonably. Be as gentle as possible. You may just find it makes for fewer arguments as the process begins.

Don’t ask someone else to do it.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to have your spouse served with divorce papers, and that’s how they receive the news. In these cases, the news is often not a surprise. However, if your spouse needs to be told and you’re not having him or her served, do not ask someone else to take on the responsibility of announcing your desire to divorce. This impersonal approach could lead to lasting negative feelings that affect things later.

Try not to be defensive.

When you do bring it up, your spouse may be angry, no matter how gentle you are. That anger may come out in the form of accusations and criticisms. This is not abnormal for such a trying situation, and neither is your desire to become defensive. Try your best to stay calm; it may help diffuse any anger if you are able to listen without any strong reaction.

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