How to Behave in Divorce Court

In many cases, you can get divorced without even making an appearance in court. But in the event that you do have to attend divorce court, it’s important that you carry yourself properly so that you make a good impression on the judge.

Here are some basic tips for behaving in family court:


  • Dress appropriately—No, you don’t need to show up like you’re attending a dinner at the White House, but you should be dressed in a way that earns respect. For men, a nice button-down shirt and slacks is fine, and for women, a dress or pantsuit is acceptable.
  • Stay calm—The courtroom is no place for emotional outbursts. Let your attorney take the lead while you stay calm and quiet. Only speak when you’re asked to speak, and always make sure that your body language is calm and composed.
  • Pay attention—Your future is on the line. Think you might want to be paying attention to what’s being said? Sit up straight, listen, and take notes.


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