If Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Follow the Parenting Plan

Once you have divorced in Florida and the court has made it final, there will be court orders that you and your spouse will have to follow. If you have children, those orders may include a parenting plan. If you’re suddenly faced with a spouse who refuses to follow that plan, it can make life harder. If you find yourself faced with this problem, what can you do?

Taking Legal Action

legal gavel on top of divorce papersThere are actions you can take to try and ensure your spouse follows the set plan. Because the court has ordered the rules be followed, she or he could face legal consequences for not adhering to them. Of course, you may want to avoid making the issue a legal one right away. If you believe that you can speak with your ex-spouse about your concerns without causing more problems, then you should. Settling these things amicably and privately, while remaining within legal boundaries set forth by the court, can often be the best thing for everyone.

If you still find yourself struggling with an ex-spouse who refuses to follow the parenting plan and will not pay child support, or alimony, or anything else required by the court, then you can file a motion for contempt against that person. You can request any money due to you, as well as attorney’s fees that may come with the filing. The motion for contempt is only applicable when you need payment of alimony, child support, or some related issue. If your ex-spouse has the money to pay, but has refused, the court can step in. If necessary, he or she can be put in jail until the set amount is paid, assuming the funds are available to be paid.

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