Including Health Care in Child Support Agreements

It is common for a concerned parent to wonder about what is available for the children in child support, particularly if that parent has never dealt with those details before. One of the most important concerns is health care; no parent wants to move forward after a divorce without some assurance that the children will have all the basic needs covered: food, shelter, education, love, and health care.

Child Support and Health Care

grandfather and grandson with cloudIt is highly recommended that any child support negotiations for child support in a Florida divorce include health care provisions. As long as the arranged coverage costs are reasonable, there should be no trouble including it into the support agreement. To be considered reasonable, the cost must be within 5% of the payer’s income. Of course, health care costs and needs can vary, and can be expensive. If the recipient wants more, he or she may request it; the court will have to approve the amount.

Custody agreements also affect health care costs. If the parents share custody, for example, then health care prices might also be shared between them. The laws surrounding child support can be complex and confusing, which is why divorcing parents should seek attorney’s counsel. If a parent fails to adhere to those laws in any way, including a court order, he or she could face serious repercussions. An experienced attorney will be able to explain, in detail, the parent’s options for child support, and responsibilities when it has been assigned.

Negotiating child support can be a trying thing. Don’t enter into the process alone, and risk not getting the things you and your child need for the future, like help with health care. For all divorce concerns in Florida, trust the attorneys at Miller Law. Contact us as soon as you need help.


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