Is Counseling Helpful through the Divorce Process?

When you heard the word “counseling,” you might think it’s only for couples who are committed to saving the marriage. However, even if you’ve already decided to get a divorce, going to counseling with your spouse could be helpful, especially if your spouse was caught off guard by the divorce or is resistant to the idea.

Often times, when a spouse is served with divorce, he or she goes through a period of time where the reality of the situation is difficult to accept. Even if they know that getting divorced is inevitable and “the right thing to do” it can still be difficult to fully accept.

That’s where counseling can help. During the counseling process, your spouse can learn why things are happening the way they are. Counseling can allow the spouse to work through the whirlwind of emotions he or she is experiencing, like anger, denial, grief, sadness, regret, and so on. Eventually, it can lead the spouse toward acceptance, helping you both get through the divorce and get on with your lives.

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