Knowing the Difference Between a Bargain and Affordable

closeup of a gavel on cash, from aboveBecause divorce is so common, there are innumerable websites out there offering services and, to set themselves apart, they offer them cheaply. For example, they may offer to complete all of your documents for you. However, divorce is a complex thing. And, while it’s possible to have a less expensive and more simple divorce, be cautious about pursuing bargain divorce help.

Learn to tell the difference between bargain, and reliable and affordable.

Bargain offers can seem alluring, and even reasonable. It’s essential, though, to examine offers carefully. What, specifically, are they offering?

Documents: If they’re offering to take care of your divorce documents for you, find out who, specifically is taking care of those documents. Using the wrong language, providing the wrong information, or leaving out essentials is possible when it comes to divorce paperwork, and more likely if someone else is doing it, or if it’s not done by a professional.

Contact: You should be able to speak with a person when you need, as well as meet in person, if necessary. In fact, it’s best to have an in-person meeting with your attorney. If this isn’t possible, or you’re pressed to communicate by e-mail only, it’s probably best to move on.

Attorneys: Your divorce should only be handled by a licensed attorney. Some sites will use language to make it seem as though they employ attorneys. But, unless you can determine, for a fact, that your details will be handled by a lawyer, it’s best look for help elsewhere.

Time: It is perfectly understandable if you want your divorce over fast. However, you must ensure that all regulations are followed; the procedures do not always happen as you plan, or hope. It’s important that those who help you spend the right amount of time on your case and with you, and never rush.

You can have an affordable divorce without the risks of the bargain. At Miller Law, we offer affordable divorce with the help of licensed attorneys. Call us to find out how we can help.

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