DivorceYes.com Eliminates the Need for a Costly Orlando Divorce Attorney

DivorceYes.com, backed by Miller Law Associates offers flat rate legal services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a by-the-hour attorney 

ORLANDO, October 12, 2010—Thanks to the innovative Miller Law Associates’ DivorceYes.com platform, Orlando residents no longer have to hire an expensive, “billable hour” attorney when they want a divorce. With DivorceYes.com’s online legal service, clients can get the services of a team of experienced divorce lawyers and their outstanding support staff at a low flat attorney fee.

The pricing structure of this online legal service is simple. Clients pay $399 for an uncontested Florida divorce with no kids and $499 for an uncontested Florida divorce with kids. This doesn’t include the cost of court fees, which typically cost about $409.   The law firm also handles contested family law or divorce cases on a low cost, flat fee basis.  Inquiries can be made from the website.  Child support, visitation, reduction of child support, paternity and enforcement are some of the other types of cases the Florida law firm handles, all on a low cost, flat fee basis. 

When compared to the cost of hiring a “billable hour” Orlando divorce attorney, it’s clear just how advantageous this new platform is. Most divorce attorneys bill clients by the hour, and by the time the case is resolved, the client could owe several thousand dollars. With the flat fees system at DivorceYes.com, clients know exactly how much their divorce will cost them from the beginning.

“Our lawyers know their way around the courthouse and understand the divorce process,” says lawyer Jeff Miller. “We will thoughtfully prepare your papers, file them as your lawyer, and go to court to get your final judgment in uncontested Florida divorce cases.  The process usually can be completed within 30 days of filing.”  Neither the client nor spouse needs to attend a court hearing, which the clients prefer.

DivorceYes.com is backed by a team of experienced Florida divorce attorneys and a full support staff. Their services are available to Florida residents from all 67 Florida counties.

To learn more about this unique legal service, visit www.DivorceYes.com

About the Miller Law Firm and DivorceYes.com

Miller Law Associates is a Florida divorce law firm with offices located in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. New offices are being planned for Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida.  Managing attorney Jeff Miller has been practicing law as a trial lawyer in Florida and throughout the United States since 1980.  His practical in court experience brings a wealth of experience to those needing divorce representation in Florida.  All Florida divorces must be obtained in court.  The purpose of the divorce website, DivorceYes.com, is to ease the burden of divorce on families and to get the process completed as quickly as possible at a fair and affordable price.  For more information, please visit www.DivorceYes.com.

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