Military Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle

Sometimes, military and matrimony don’t mix. The military lifestyle can be incredibly tough on a marriage, especially when long deployments are involved. That’s why the military divorce rate has traditionally been a bit higher than the civilian divorce rate. And while the enormous stresses that often build up toward a military divorce can make proceedings a nightmare, the fact is that not every military divorce has to be a battleground.

While there are some unique legal circumstances surrounding military divorce (e.g. meeting residency requirements, dividing military pensions, protecting active duty military members from divorce proceedings, etc.), military divorce cases can go just as smoothly as any regular divorce, provided that both parties are willing to participate. An uncontested Florida military divorce can be finalized in 30 days from the date of filing, even if you are stationed outside of Florida or deployed.

In order to achieve an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree to work out the arrangements of the divorce outside of court, rather than fighting it out in front of a judge. This might not be possible in instances where bad feelings and emotions are boiling over, but in many cases, cooler heads can prevail to make a smoother, less combative divorce possible.

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