Modifying Child Support After Divorce in Florida

When you get divorced and you have children, you probably either negotiated child support, or a judge determined the appropriate amount. That child support was based upon a number of factors, including your income and the needs of your children. Of course, those factors change over time, which is why you may find yourself in a position to request a change. Modifying child support after your divorce in Florida is possible, if you meet the requirements and follow the regulations for requesting the change.

Modifying Child Support

girl-883012_1280If you have a court order for child support in place, then you can file for modification as long as you have a “substantial change in circumstances.” These changes can be a number of things. The most common is income; if your income changes and you can no longer meet the required payments without some financial difficulty, then it would be helpful for you to follow the procedures required to file a child support modification.

Of course, a modification request can be filed if your income rises, too. There is no definite amount by which your finances must change before you can make a request. That means that the parent receiving child support can also file a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support if he or she believes the paying spouse has an increase in income.

A substantial change in parenting time may also be a reason to request child support modification. A child’s needs and related expenses are also reasons to request a child support change. Anytime something changes substantially in the child’s life, there may be reason to request a child support modification.

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