Most Divorces Aren’t All That Ugly

There’s nothing the tabloids love more than a messy divorce. Any time a celebrity couple splits up and things start to get ugly, you’ll see it plastered all over the internet, magazines, TV…you name it. If you only paid attention to the media, you’d think that all divorces are nasty, emotional affairs that leave a pile of carnage in their wake. But the truth is that those divorces are typically the exception and not the rule. These days, most divorces really aren’t all that ugly.

In fact, most couples don’t even have to go to court to get divorced. It’s true! No fighting it out in court for everyone to see. No revealing dirty secrets and airing all the dirty laundry. No grandstanding in front of a judge. Now, couples can get what’s called an uncontested divorce where the two parties work together outside of court to arrange all of the details of their divorce, such as asset distribution, co-parenting arrangements, etc.

Uncontested divorce is typically drama-free, fast (in Florida, it takes as little as 30 days), cheap, and ensures all parties are satisfied with the outcome. It’s the easiest way to get divorced.

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