An Overview of Uncontested Divorce in Florida

When it comes to getting divorced in Florida, there are a number of different types of divorce: simplified, contested, default, and uncontested. In this article, you’ll get an overview of uncontested divorce in Florida. Discover what it is, how it’s different from the other types of divorce, and what advantages it offers.

An uncontested divorce in Florida has a few key characteristics:

  • Both parties agree to getting a divorce
  • Both parties agree on child custody, visitation, and child support
  • Both parties agree on property distribution and other relevant details

Like its name implies, everything is “uncontested.” This keeps the divorce case from going to trial, saving both parties a lot of time, money, and emotional distress.

That’s why uncontested divorce is so advantageous over the other types of divorce. It offers a range of benefits.

The first is the speed of the divorce. An uncontested divorce takes only about 30 days from the date of filing to be finalized. That means a couple can have their divorce finished in just about a month, allowing them to start moving forward with their lives a whole lot sooner than if they’d pursued a contested divorce.

Another benefit is the emotional distress it saves you. Contested divorce cases can get very heated. Things can turn ugly fast, and all involved parties can experience an unbearable amount of heartache. But that’s not the case with an uncontested divorce in Florida. Uncontested divorces are much more civil. Both parties come to agreements outside of court, so they don’t have to go through any of the drama of going to trial.

Yet another benefit of getting an uncontested divorce is its low cost. Getting an uncontested divorce can be thousands of dollars less than paying for a contested divorce. That’s because contested divorce cases require the lawyers to work harder to come to agreements regarding child custody, child visitation, child support, property distribution, and more. The attorney’s fees for this can add up at blinding speeds.

A final benefit of the uncontested divorce is that it ensures both parties are satisfied with the agreements they’ve come to. By negotiating amicably with one another, both parties get a result they can be happy with. In contested cases, this isn’t always the reality. In contested cases, it’s the judge who decides what the arrangements will be with child custody, child visitation, child support, property distribution, and more. Obviously, this might not provide a favorable result for one or both of the parties.

While uncontested divorce cases tend to be fairly simplistic, it’s still a good idea to retain a lawyer to handle your case. An experienced lawyer knows the divorce process, and he (or she) will be able to prepare and file all the required paperwork and take care of all the other details that go into getting divorced. This can save you a lot of time and energy, making it much easier for you to get divorced in Florida.

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