Can’t Afford a Palm Beach Divorce Attorney? Helps.

Online legal service from Miller Law Associates lets clients pay a low flat rate to have an experienced legal team handle their uncontested Florida divorce online without the need to appear in court. Uncontested Florida divorce is possible in 30 days for low flat attorney fee.

West Palm Beach, December 02, 2010—Divorces are hard enough as it is. When you add in the heavy financial toll of hiring a Palm Beach County divorce attorney, it’s even harder. Clients who hire a “billable hour” attorney can end up spending thousands just to get divorced. The truth is that the average person just can’t afford it.

That’s why Palm Beach County lawyer Jeff Miller’s law firm, Miller Law Associates, decided to offer low cost uncontested Florida divorce representation through its website  The online Florida divorce solution provides real legal representation online for uncontested Florida divorce in Palm Beach County and for residents of all Florida counties.  The platform lets clients get affordable legal representation and divorce lawyer guidance at a low flat attorney fee. It only costs $399 to get a Florida uncontested divorce without kids or $499 for a Florida uncontested  divorce with kids (attorney’s fees only, court filing fees are extra). The client does not have to attend court, so the process can be relatively quick and painless.  Most final judgments are issued by the court within 30 days of filing.  The lawyers at The Miller Law firm make sure the case is filed properly and presented to the court without delay.  Copies of the final divorce decree are mailed to both the client and ex spouse.  Name change for the wife is available at no additional charge.

“Our law firm offers an affordable alternative to expensive ‘billable hour’ lawyers or going it alone.  We provide fast, efficient and affordable legal representation in Florida divorce court. We offer peace of mind at an affordable flat fee,” says Miller.

The Miller law firm is about streamlining the Florida divorce process and making Florida divorce lawyers accessible to people who need them, but who have decided not to hire a lawyer on account of the expense. Its Florida divorce lawyers and legal support staff are happy to offer real legal services at discounted flat fees that regular working people can afford.

Before you hire a Palm Beach divorce attorney, please visit to learn more.

The Miller Law Firm also offers a unique service of divorce document preparation.  There are many online divorce paper websites owned and operated by non lawyers.  Most are not even located in Florida and their products leave much to be desired.  All these non lawyer sites are allowed by law to do is fill in court approved forms as a secretarial service.  We have seen many examples of these non lawyer document preparation or paralegal companies get it wrong and the client suffers as a result.  Divorce papers for uncontested Florida divorce can be purchased from the Miller Law Firm online for as little as $99 at

The Miller Law Firm also handles traditional contested family law and divorce cases on a low cost, flat fee basis.  There are no billable hours or monthly bills.  Instead, the law firm charges flat fees for discrete task representation.  The client gets as much legal service as it can afford and often that is all that the client needs.  Just knowing that a lawyer is available to answer questions is significant and provides peace of mind to the client. 

About the Miller Law Firm and

Miller Law Associates is a Florida divorce law firm with offices located in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. New offices are being planned for Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida.  Managing attorney Jeff Miller has been practicing law as a trial lawyer in Florida and throughout the United States since 1980.  His practical in court experience brings a wealth of experience to those needing divorce representation in Florida.  All Florida divorces must be obtained in court.  The purpose of the divorce website,, is to ease the burden of divorce on families and to get the process completed as quickly as possible at a fair and affordable price.  For more information, please visit

Miller Law Associates with offices located at:

Boca Raton: 4400 N. Federal Highway, Suite 210, Boca Raton, Florida 33431

Fort Lauderdale: 200 S.E. 6th St., Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Miami: 19 West Flagler Street, 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33130

West Palm Beach:  319 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

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