3 Major Drawbacks of Preparing Your Own FL Divorce Papers

Let’s be honest. The average person can’t afford to hire an expensive “billable hour” divorce attorney. That’s understandable. That’s why so many people have started going online to buy the FL divorce papers necessary for filing their case and preparing them on their own.

While this sounds like a good way to save money, it usually isn’t. Filing your own FL divorce papershas numerous challenges. Here are just 3 of the biggest drawbacks you might encounter should you attempt to go it alone.

  1. Filing FL divorce papers is time-consuming—There’s a lot of paperwork that goes into filing for divorce. Preparing it takes a long time, and working with the courts to get your case moving forward takes even longer. Do you really have the time and knowledge to handle all of this on your own?
  2. Required papers vary throughout Florida—There are certain papers required no matter where you file for divorce in Florida (civil cover sheet, related cases statement, petition for dissolution of marriage, etc.) and there are also papers not required by state law but by local administrative rule or administrative order. In other words, the clerk in one Florida city may require different paperwork than the clerk in another Florida city. If you don’t have the right papers prepared, it could cause complications with your case.
  3. Mistakes could cause your case to get rejected—Speaking of complications, the clerk can reject the case for filing as a result of not complying with the local rules and orders. Any mistakes in your paperwork or filing could cause your case to get rejected. This means you’d have to file for divorce again and pay all the fees one more time.  

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