Questions Kids Often Ask During Divorce

When your children hear the news about your divorce, they will likely have some questions. They may not ask all of these questions, but you can bet that they’re at least thinking about them, even if they don’t verbalize them.

Some of the most common questions kids ask during divorce are:

  • Why are you getting divorced? The amount of information you provide in this answer depends on the age and maturity of the child. For young children, you won’t want to go into detail. Let them know that you have some disagreements that they can’t understand right now, but that you can explain it to them when they are older.
  • Is it my fault? Above all else, make sure your children know that they have zero fault in your divorce. Let them know that you both still love them and they share no blame for the divorce.
  • Will you guys get back together? Kids love holding on to the hope that mommy and daddy will get back together, but you can’t lead them on with false hope. You have to be honest and set realistic expectations for your kids. offers Florida online divorce services at low, flat fees for residents in all Florida counties. Learn more about their legal services at


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