Reasons You Should Try To Stay Out Of Divorce Court

legal gavel on top of divorce papersWhen you get divorced, you have two basic options – resolve your case outside of court (uncontested divorce) or fight it out in court (contested divorce). An uncontested divorce is certainly the ideal choice in most situations because it offers such a number of benefits. Most importantly, it keeps you out of divorce court.

Here are a few reasons it’s so important that you try to stay out of divorce court.

  • Contested divorce cases cost more money. The fact is that the more court appearances your lawyer has to make and the longer your case drags on, the more expensive it will be for you. An uncontested divorce is typically much cheaper than a contested divorce.
  • Making court appearances is a hassle. Do you really want to spend time going to divorce court? This will often mean you have to skip work, making the cost of your divorce even higher. An uncontested divorce keeps you out of court.
  • Contested divorce cases take longer. A case stuck in divorce court can drag on for months. This makes it harder on everyone involved, and it keeps you from moving on. With an uncontested divorce in Florida, you can have your divorce finalized in just 30 days from the filing date.

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