Take Action Sooner Rather Than Later in Divorce

legal gavel on top of divorce papersThere are innumerable reasons why we put off major changes in our lives. Many of those reasons may be perfectly logical, but when it comes to a legal case, waiting is not often a good thing. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to argue your case, and the more time things have to get in your way. There are exceptions when it comes to starting a divorce—money, children and their schedules, etc.—that can leave you with few options other than waiting. However, it is often better to take action sooner, rather than later in divorce.

It May Never be the Perfect Time

You will always be able to find reasons to put off filing for divorce, and any other aspect of the process. In truth, there is rarely, if ever a right time for divorce; it’s a lengthy, emotional process that takes a toll on most aspects of your life. This is why you should talk to your attorney and find out if he or she recommends it for a good legal reason. Otherwise, a delay may only make things more difficult for you.

Consult Legal Counsel

Whether you have filed for divorce or not, you should see an attorney as soon as you determine you want a divorce. In fact, you could seek counsel prior to informing your spouse of your desire, or intention. Your attorney can advise you on a number of things, from preparing to file, to informing your spouse, and other early steps. Then, your lawyer can help you move forward at an appropriate pace. If you have concerns, or you think there are obstacles preventing you from moving forward, discuss them with your attorney. Then, you can determine, with professional, legal help, whether you should wait, or take action.

Generally, if you want or need a divorce, it is better to take action sooner, rather than later. Start by talking to an attorney. That step may be all you need to move you forward. Call Miller Law today.


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