The Benefits of Sharing Custody of the Children

Parenting is never easy or simple. If divorce enters the picture, it often becomes even more difficult. Whether physical custody is shared or not, sharing time with the children and responsibilities can be the best thing for everyone, particularly the children. If the parents can make it work, it could be a major factor in how well the children adjust to their parents no longer being married.

Legal Custody

grandfather and grandson with cloudSharing custody legally can actually help parents navigate the changes that occur after divorce. Lives are sometimes uprooted and there are many, many changes for everyone to manage. If parents share custody, they can develop a plan for the both of them so that they each have time to learn both their own new schedules, and the children’s. It means helping themselves, as well as helping the children and each other.

It’s beneficial for the children to see that their parents are still able to work together. Often, it’s emotionally difficult for children to see their parents split, and the youngest ones may sometimes not understand that this doesn’t change the love their parents have for them, and that their parents will still be present. When parents share custody, they maintain those presences in their children’s lives and do so together, in a way.

Unofficial Custody

There are a number of reasons why parents don’t share legal custody; it’s not always about the court deciding that one parent isn’t fit to have custody. Sometimes, the arrangement is better for everyone. That doesn’t mean, however, that the two parents can’t share time and responsibility. If they can work together to manage time spent with the children and handling their needs, then they can reap the benefits of both their divorce agreement and sharing unofficial custody.

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