The Dangers of Divorce without an Attorney in Palm Beach

Are you thinking about handling your divorce case on your own, without hiring a Palm Beach divorce lawyer? While you might believe that this will save you some serious cash, you should realize that there are some serious dangers that loom when you get divorced without experienced legal counsel by your side.

  • Mistakes filing divorce paperwork—When filing for divorce, there are many different forms you need to complete and file. Any mistakes on your part could cause the clerk to reject the cases, meaning you’d have to start all over and pay more fees. An experienced divorce lawyer won’t make these mistakes.
  • Bad negotiations—Negotiations are a big part of the divorce process. A good lawyer will make sure you get what you deserve.
  • Overload—There’s a lot of work that goes into a divorce case. Handling it all on your own can be like having another job.  

Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive. At, we offer low cost legal services starting at just $399 for an uncontested divorce with no kids and $499 for an uncontested divorce with kids. Court filing fees are additional.

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