The Divorce Process Is Not The Hardest Part For Kids

Many parents mistakenly believe that the hardest part of a divorce for children is the actual process of the divorce. They think that once the divorce is finalized, things will be easier on the kids because the constant fighting has stopped.

However, the truth is that once the divorce process is over things won’t go back to normal. There isn’t an immediate happy ending once the final divorce papers are signed.

The reality is that the fighting and animosity during the divorce isn’t the hardest part for the kids. What causes the most pain and long-term trauma for children of divorce is the disappointment of a broken family and the difficulty of having to adjust to not living in a home with both parents.

That’s why it’s so important that both parents do their part after the divorce is finalized to help the children move forward with as little emotional damage as possible. This means giving the children an opportunity to express their emotions, helping them adjust to their new lives and new schedules, and just doing everything you can to be there for them and support them. offers legal assistance to those facing Florida divorce. With low cost, flat fee services, makes it fast, easy, and cheap for you to get divorced. Learn more today at


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