The Most Important Things Your Kids Need to Hear during Divorce

grandfather and grandson with cloudThere’s no easy way to get your kids through your divorce. The end of your marriage will be very hard on your children, but it’s your job to do everything you can to make things easier for them. It’s very important to make sure you communicate the following messages to your kids:

  • It isn’t your fault—Children have a tendency to blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. You have to make sure you let them know it isn’t their fault. Let them know that they are completely innocent and blameless, and make sure it is completely clear that they are in no way responsible for the divorce. Don’t assume that your children know this. Say it!
  • We both still love you—Now more than ever, your kids need to feel loved. There are so many emotions kids have to deal with when their parents divorce, and your love is what will help them get through this difficult time. Both parents have to make the extra effort to show the children plenty of love and attention.
  • Everything will be okay—Divorce is scary for kids. Their world is being turned upside down and their living situation completely changed. Let them know that even though things will be different it will all be okay.

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