Tips for Achieving Co-Parenting Success After a Divorce

If you’ve settled your Florida divorce and ended up with co-parenting rights with your ex, you’re in for a lot of work. Even if your divorce was fairly peaceful, adjusting to a new co-parenting lifestyle can be tough. And of course, if your divorce was filled with drama and nastiness, it’s going to be especially tough to share parenting responsibilities with your ex.

How can you achieve co-parenting success? Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Keep it professional—You need to treat co-parenting with your ex as professionally and business-like as possible. Leave emotions out of it. Be respectful, neutral, and calm in all your dealings with them.
  • Ask, don’t tell—You and your ex are equals. That means you’re in no position to tell them what to do. So, rather than making demands, make requests when you need them to do something.
  • Focus your conversations on the kids—Now that you’re divorced, all that matters is your kids. You don’t need to talk to your ex about anything else. Keep the conversation focused on the children. offers flat fee Florida uncontested divorce services. You can get the legal help you need at costs lower than you might have thought possible. Find out more at


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