Tips for Handling New Relationships after a Divorce

Entering into a new romantic relationship after going through a divorce can be challenging. It’s tough to put yourself back out there in the dating scene, and if you’re not careful, you could make major mistakes that will only add to your emotional struggles and the fallout from your divorce.

Here are some simple tips you can follow when dating after divorce.


  • Don’t rebound too quickly—Starting a new relationship right when your other one ends doesn’t give you time to heal and recover from your divorce. You need a little time to be single…time to grieve…time to examine yourself and find your new identity. Dating too quickly after a divorce almost always ends poorly.
  • Don’t repeat past mistakes—Take a look at yourself and your past marriage to determine what went wrong and what mistakes you made. Don’t make those mistakes again.
  • Keep your children in mind—If you have kids, you have to be thoughtful of them when dating after a divorce. You probably shouldn’t involve them in the new relationship until you are certain that the new person you’re dating is someone you are serious about being with for a while.


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