Uncontested Divorce in Florida Offers Fast Path to Resolution

We have all heard horror stories about divorces that drag on for months and years on end with animosity and hatred festering among both parties. The good news is that divorce doesn’t have to be a never-ending nightmare. Divorce doesn’t have to be months and months of fighting, name-calling, and courtroom drama. And you don’t have to go broke paying a lawyer to handle your divorce.

Truth is in Florida you can get divorced in as little as 30 days after filing. It’s true. An uncontested divorce in Florida offers the fastest path to ending your marriage so both parties can move forward with their lives.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties cooperate with each other and agree on the key issues of the divorce, such as child support, child custody, visitation, and property division. These arrangements are negotiated outside of the courtroom, typically with the help of an attorney. In most cases, the court will accept the couple’s agreement so long as it is fair to both parties.

It’s a fast, inexpensive, drama-free way to get divorced in Florida, and it is an increasingly popular choice for divorcing couples.

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