Visitation and Difficult Divorces

Conflict in the familyWhen a divorce is difficult and leaves spouses with negative feelings toward one another, things like visitation can feel incredibly stressful. This can also negatively affect relationships with the children, who can often sense the tension, even when parents try to hide it. To help alleviate their stress and yours, it is best if you can find a way to have positive visitation experiences after a difficult divorce.

Negotiate with your ex-spouse.

Hopefully, you and your spouse are able to communicate without arguing. Then, you can come up with the best way to handle visitation. However, if communication is very difficult for you, then you will have to work to set aside the anger for the sake of the children. All you need is one chance to come up with the best way to both have visitation and not clash with one another. It may mean doing your best to make it so that you have as little contact with one another as possible, or making a list of things that help you avoid confrontation.

Stay positive in front of the children.

It’s not always easy or possible, but trying to remain positive when you’re with the children may help them feel as though their lives are not falling apart. Of course, they may ask tough questions and you may need to have difficult conversations with them. Even then, it is possible to have those serious conversations while helping them remain optimistic.

Always be there.

No matter what problems occur, always do your best to be there for the kids and be on time. Continue proving that you’ll be there for them no matter what and that the divorce has not changed that. It will also help them settle into a routine with which they can eventually become comfortable.

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