What exactly is an online Florida divorce?

What exactly is an online Florida divorce?  Can you buy a Florida divorce online?  Can a Florida divorce be gotten in cyber space?  Is there an online Florida judge who will sign your online cyberspace Florida final judgment of dissolution of marriage? 

 A divorce in Florida must be gotten in a Florida circuit court.  A final judgment of dissolution of marriage, i.e. the divorce decree, must be signed by a Florida circuit court judge in order to be effective.  There is no such thing as an online court in Florida, at least not yet, so a totally online divorce may not exist, per se.  Many Florida courts are going paperless to catch up with the federal court system and papers are now being filed electronically, so the Florida court system is getting one step closer to being online.

       Some Florida courts allow lawyers to appear in court by telephone.  Sometimes, and for good cause shown, a party can appear by telephone, as well.  Video conferencing presents a whole new dimension to the delivery of legal services and court proceedings.  Some judges routinely allow lawyers and parties to appear before them by video conferencing.  Amazing, really, how close we are coming to a totally cyber world.  In the long run that, too, will save time and money and bring us that much closer to a totally cyber court experience.

       Online divorce, as it exists, is a time saving and money saving phenomenon created by a Florida law firm:  Miller Law Associates.  In the olden days, people needing legal services would seek a referral from friends or acquaintances for a good lawyer to handle their matter.  They would call the lawyer’s office to schedule an appointment and take time out of the day to meet the lawyer at his office.  Often the lawyer would charge a consultation fee for his time.  If hired, the lawyer would have his legal assistant take information from the client and the lawyer’s secretary would prepare papers for the matter.  Copies would either be mailed to the client or she would have to come back to the lawyer’s office to review them, taking more time and costing more money.  If changes were needed, the process would continue until the papers were ready for filing.

       On and on it would go, until the case was filed.  Every time the lawyer did work on the matter or touched the file, he would write down time called “billable hours” and have his bookkeeper prepare a bill each month to be sent to the client, who would pay…and pay…and pay…until she could pay no more or until the case was over with.

       Forget about what it took to get from start to finish.  Divorce cases took a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

The advent of online divorce.

       The internet is changing the world, including how legal services are delivered.  True, there are still traditional lawyers with offices, secretaries, paralegals, bookkeepers who keep track of time and send bills to clients each month.  Lawyers who meet their clients face to face in their offices.  It’s how they learned and how they continue to practice their trade.  But technology has allowed for new innovations in how legal services are delivered.

       Miller Law Associates, a Florida law firm, pioneered the delivery of Florida divorce services online.  Through its website, www.DivorceYes.com, the Florida law firm has been able to help thousands of Floridians or spouses married to Floridians with their Florida divorce or other family law matter.  Two things have allowed this divorce law firm to be able to do it:  first, the internet and people’s acceptance of it and being unafraid to do business online and second, Florida’s unbundled legal services rule that allows divorce lawyers in family law cases to file limited appearances to handle discreet tasks.

Miller Law Associates is the first law firm in the nation to offer divorce services totally online.  Clients hire the law firm to process, from start to finish, all kinds of uncontested Florida divorce cases.  The client pays the law firm online, completes a Florida divorce questionnaire online, receives divorce papers by online via email, communicates with the lawyers online via email or video conferencing, watches the progress of his/her case online at the DivorceYes.com status page and receives a copy of the Florida divorce decree online after it has been entered.  Does the client go to court?  Not if the client doesn’t want to in most kinds of uncontested cases. 

An uncontested Florida divorce includes:  (1) divorce cases where the parties have come to an agreement on the important divorce issues, like division of property and debt, alimony, visitation and child support, if there are children; (2) missing spouse cases where the missing spouse is served by publication in a local business journal; or (3) cases that are filed and the spouse served but does not respond or comes to an agreement.  By hiring Miller Law Associates online, its clients do not have to attend a court hearing if they have an agreement with their spouse. 

The law firm also serves clients with other types of family law cases including: parental relocations, annulments, enforcement or modification actions and handles them over the internet by email, telephone and video conferencing until client has to come to court and then, a lawyer is at client’s side.  While Miller Law Associates does have offices located in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it offers it online Florida divorce service as a convenient and cost effective way to get cases done quickly, efficiently and affordably.  It’s a new way of delivering much needed legal services in Florida family and divorce courts.

       Technology has made it possible.  A client can get his/her Florida uncontested divorce in 30 days from the date of filing using Miller Law Associates online divorce solution.  In most cases they don’t ever have to attend a court hearing.  The attorney fees start at $399, not including court filing fee.  DivorceYes.com is an online divorce solution created by lawyers for people looking to save time and money in Florida divorce and family matters.  So, is an online Florida divorce possible?  Pretty darn close with www.DivorceYes.com.

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