What is The Easiest Route to Florida Divorce

We’ve heard it countless times from our clients, “I just want to get my divorce over with.” We get it. No one wants to end up in the middle of a nightmare divorce that drags on and on for months with numerous court appearances and unending drama. There has to be an easier way, right? There is – it’s called an uncontested divorce in Florida.

Without a doubt, the easiest path to getting divorced in Florida is the uncontested divorce. For couples that are able to come to an agreement on all important issues of their divorce, including child support, custody, division of property, division of debt, alimony, etc., an uncontested divorce offers a fast, inexpensive way to end a marriage.

Sure, not every couple can work together to achieve an uncontested divorce, but those that can are able to get divorced in just 30 days from the filing date. Not only that, the couple doesn’t even have to appear in court. Their lawyers can make limited appearances on their behalf. Obviously, this means lower legal costs, less time, less drama, and an all-around easier experience.

At Miller Law Associates, we specialize in uncontested divorce in Florida. We offer flat-fee, discrete task representation to save our clients time and money. Learn more at www.DivorceYes.com.

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