What Should You Ask Your Divorce Lawyer at Your Initial Consultation?

Scheduling an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is a good first step for those considering the possibility of filing for divorce. Even if you haven’t yet officially decided to get divorced, if you’re seriously considering the possibility, it can be wise to speak with a divorce attorney so you can be prepared if you do decide to take that next step toward ending your marriage.

With that in mind, it’s important that you get as much as possible from your initial consultation, and that means asking the lawyer the right questions. Here are a few key questions you should ask your divorce lawyer during your consultation.

  • How much experience do you have in divorce cases? You want to hire a lawyer who handles divorce cases day in and day out, and who has been doing so for years. Experience is a great asset for a divorce lawyer to have, so do your best to dig and find out about an attorney’s experience before hiring them.
  • What is your approach when representing clients? If you’re interested in getting divorced quickly and with as few complications as possible, you should look for a divorce lawyer that takes this kind of no-nonsense approach.
  • What are your rates and what is your fee schedule? Price isn’t always everything, but you do need to make sure that you can afford the attorney. It’s also important to be aware of when you’ll be expected to make payments.
  • How will we communicate? Communication between the attorney and the client is critical to ensuring a smooth flow to the case. You need to find out how the lawyer plans to keep you in the loop during your divorce.

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