What’s the Most Popular Month for Divorce?

January is a time for making New Year’s resolutions. It’s also a time for divorce. According to one recent study, divorce filings across the United States jump by about 33% in January compared to the average month. The month is nicknamed “Divorce Month,” and the first Monday – the busiest of the month for divorce filings – is known as “Divorce Monday.”

Why is January such a popular month for divorce?

For starters, couples considering divorce are unlikely to break the family apart during the holidays. Few want to deal with the drama or heartache that comes with a divorce over Thanksgiving or Christmas, so they wait until the New Year.

During the holidays, there is also little court time available. If a couple files for divorce during the holiday season, they may not be able to get into court until the New Year anyway.

Of course, the New Year is also a time for new beginnings. That makes it a seemingly perfect time for unhappy couples to call it quits and move on with their lives.

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