When To Tell Your Kids About Divorce

girl-883012_1280Telling your kids about a divorce is one of the most difficult things you will need to do after deciding your marriage has ended. You should think carefully about when to tell your children you are planning on ending your marriage. If you wait too long, your children may think you are hiding something from them and may feel betrayed. If you act too soon, however, your children will be aware of all of the stress and tension involved during the entire divorce process (which can sometimes drag on for weeks and months) and the ongoing uncertainty of the divorce process can create a stressful environment.

Every parent will need to assess what is best for their own child in deciding when to talk about divorce. Ideally, however, it is best to have some plan in place before you talk to your kids. That way, you can tell them what to expect for the future so they will know who is living where and they will feel more confident about what the plan is.

An experienced divorce attorney can help you to negotiate on the issue of custody and come to an agreement so you will be able to tell your kids exactly what to expect when you tell them about a divorce.

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