Why a DIY Divorce is Not Advisable

girl-476977_1280The expenses associated with divorce are some of the more dreaded elements of the process. Because of this, many people search for more affordable ways to divorces—sometimes desperately. Many a person has considered a DIY divorce. While it seems attractive because it is cheap and there are some ways in which it is, technically, possible, it continues to be inadvisable.

Pro Se Divorce

When decide to divorce without an attorney, you are effectively representing yourself in the matter. This is a Pro Se divorce. For this type of divorce to work well, both spouses should file for a Pro Se divorce and be in agreement about everything. Having children and significant assets complicates things, and so this form of divorce is not recommended for those with either.

Divorce is Not So Simple

Even if your situation is simple, there are still ways for a DIY approach to divorce to fail. It is too easy to overlook important details, or forms that must be filed. Without any legal background and training, the system can be overwhelming; there are simply too many things to consider and file, and regulations to follow. Between your life, work, and divorce, you don’t have time to learn all you may need to know in order to avoid making mistakes. You should seek help from an attorney. Without that help, your plans to tackle the divorce process on your own could become more difficult and lengthy than you thought.

No matter how simple you believe your divorce to be, attorneys have the experience to navigate the legal system in ways that you cannot. Avoid making mistakes that could cost you more in the end, and hire an attorney. The good news is that, though a DIY divorce is not a good idea, your divorce does not have to be overwhelmingly expensive. Call us at Miller Law. We specialize in making your divorce affordable without sacrificing service.


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