Why Fighting Over Every Penny During Divorce Is A Bad Idea

When you’re getting divorced, it can be really tempting to fight your soon-to-be ex-spouse over every little detail. This is especially true if you’re the hurt party…the one who got “wronged.” The problem is that fighting over every penny, every piece of property, and every arrangement related to your divorce comes at a serious cost.

Here’s why fighting over every scrap is usually a bad idea:

  • It delays the process—The more both sides fight over everything, the longer the divorce drags on. Who wants to spend months upon months in a nasty divorce?
  • It costs you money—Because your divorce will drag on longer, your legal bills will rack up. So while you’re fighting over every little penny, you’re actually spending a lot of money to do so. Is it really worth it?
  • It keeps you and your loved ones from moving on—The longer you’re tied up in the divorce process, the longer it will be until you can start healing and moving forward with your life. That goes for your kids, too, and any other loved ones involved in the situation.

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